How is a Q&A session with Snowminds?

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Daniel Kringelbach October 21, 2019

When interested in a season, you will have a lot of questions. Daniel was on a season last season and wrote about his Q&A experience.


Before going on a season with Snowminds, I was very much in doubt about my plans for the gap year. 

I was in doubt whether I was looking for a lot of sun or snow. 

Luckily, I found Snowminds through Facebook and of course, I started looking into it. 

There was a lot to read on the website, but I still had more questions… How is the life of a ski instructor? How great is it?

I had a few questions, but especially both of my parents had a ton of different questions and concerns. 



I researched on the Snowminds website and found an info meeting held near me, where I signed up my parents and myself.

Former Snowminds instructors told us stories about their season and about everything Snowminds has to offer.

It was a super cosy evening and my parents were happy, as they got to ask all of the questions they had. 



There were a lot of other curious parents and young people. It was completely free to attend, regardless of whether you were signed up for a season or not. 

The biggest takeaway was the former instructors who could tell a lot of fun stories. It was reassuring to talk to former instructors as they could tell things from a personal perspective, where you got a feel for what it means to be a ski or snowboard instructor with Snowminds. 

I left the event in a good mood and finished writing my application the very next day.


Daniel is one of the Snowminds Team Leaders for the 19/20 season. He will be going to Apex with his best friend, Lucas in the 19/20 season.

If you’re interested in going to a Q&A session with Snowminds, you can sign up right here.

And if you directly want to sign up for a season, you can sign up here!

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