Q&A – a winter season in Nendaz, Switzerland

Snowminds December 8, 2021

Switzerland is an amazing destination to live out the dream of an entire winter season with the best snow and plenty of skiing.

To get really close to the reality and a season in Switzerland, we asked a former Snowminder, Josh, about his seasonal experience.

In this blog, you can therefore read a Q&A with Josh who has spent a winter season in Nendaz, Switzerland as a ski instructor.

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Q: Who are you and how did you end up becoming an instructor?

A: My name’s Josh and I became an instructor after uni. I studied sociology at the University of Bristol and in my final year decided, that I wanted to do a season andbecome an instructor. Originally I was going to Japan,  but obviously, covid had other plans so at the last minute I got offered the chance to go to Nendaz and I couldn’t be happier how things ended up.


Q: How is a season in Switzerland?

A: A season in Switzerland is unbelievable. Admittedly it’s quite expensive out there, but the experiences you get to have are so worth it. The ski area, instructors and training program are all incredible and super helpful for developing all different aspects of your skiing. The weather’s pretty good, which meant we had just as many chances to ski powder as we did to ski in our t-shirts. Overall, I would really recommend a season in Switzerland and I have no regrets that I didn’t end up going to Japan.


Q: How was the training and what educations did you take?

A: So I took the IASI (Irish Association) ski qualification up to level 2. There was also the option of taking your snowboarding level 1 & 2, as well as a dual course where you do one discipline to level 2 and the other discipline to level 1. The training was actually so good. We had a range of different things to do, but always had something to work on or focus on to help us improve. All the instructors are super friendly and super helpful. They each bring their own unique style to keep things interesting.


Q: How was the culture, the ski level of everyone participating on the course and did you have a good social community?

A: The ski level on the course was pretty high throughout. Even though there were varying levels of experience the overall standard was really impressive. We had beginners, racers, freestylers, powder hounds and basically any discipline under the sun – all showing off as much as possible. Our community was great and everyone interacted with and helped one another, whether that was in the après or in the training everyone was always made to feel welcome.


Q: What has been the best thing about your season?

A: Honestly, the best bit about the season was our community out there. We all had plans to go around the globe but through covid ended up in Nendaz and I could not be more grateful for the group of people I spent the season with. Everyone was so friendly and so open that we all had the best time. From day one we all got on, and despite a few noise complaints, we managed to enjoy ourselves as much as possible.
Overall, my favourite part of my season in Switzerland was the people around me,  skiing every day with my best friends and making friendships for life.  


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