My season as a ski instructor in Sierra Nevada, Spain

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Vendela Edenglänt April 1, 2020

Can you combine Tapas and Sangria with skiing in the mountains? Vendela spent the last winter season in Sierra Nevada (Spain) as a ski instructor with Snowminds.

My name is Vendela, from Sweden, and I am a pretty adventurous girl in my best years… I have now made my way through the TD1 training, after 2 WHOLE months of wonderful lessons! I have also now started working for the “Escuela de international” here in Sierra Nevada.



Let’s start from November 1st, when my Swedish companion Ludvig and I traveled to Cervinia in Italy. We arrived at a 4 star HOTEL, and met the remaining people from both Denmark, Belgium and England there.

Also our Team Leader, Andreas, who was with us through the training in Italy, the theory in Madrid and until we arrived for Sierra Nevada. This would be our small group of 8 people throughout the season in SIERRA NEVADA!
I was so excited for our little group doing this together, and that WE 8 people were the FIRST ones who did this trip to SIERRA NEVADA with Snowminds!!

So as soon we got to Italy-Cervinia, We all lived with a roommate, and got very good and energy rich breakfast buffet to start every ski day as the BEST!

Once out on the slopes we got to learn the:

  • basics of warming up before skiing
  • skiing techniques
  • safety
  • other skiing exercises,

with our awesome ski instructor Gorka from ISEDI. (Instituto Superior de Enseñanzas and Deportes de Invierno)

Just before dinner, we ALWAYS looked through what our ski instructor Gorka had recorded on us during the day. If it was the snow plow, the snow plow with parallel, short turns, long turns etc… It became very clear to all of us and see what we need to work on the next day.

After lessons with Gorka, we had time left to ski free until the ski station were closed. And it was equally unbeatable every time. Cervinia is very close to Zermatt, so recommending to going and ski there! It’s super smooth!

Suddenly, 3 weeks had passed by. And it was time to leave Cervinia… We all felt it was sad to leave, cause the skiing was so extremely good! But also all the nice people who worked at the hotel… Our group got such contact to all people from there. Everyone from the boss, chef in the kitchen, to the receptionist, bartender and more… so it was important for us to take one last group picture and thank them for all the service we received during this whole time!



We flew to Madrid and found ourselves a bit outside. This place is called Pinto and doesn’t have too much “happening” around, but it’s cozy neighbourhood. There we were for about a week, to study all the theory about skiing, basic first aid, sports training etc.

So Pinto itself is a small town and there is not so much to see… The time you get off, you should go to Madrid and visit this amazing city. There are some very good Tapas places, history, shopping and attractions in this city.

With a week of school and sightseeing in Madrid, it was finally time to take the bus down to Sierra Nevada and the coast. Now it totally felt like for real!

I have traveled a lot through Europe, but the 5 hour tour by bus was one of the most beautiful trips I have done in a long time. Big mountains, open spaces, vineyards, farmhouses and the landscape were fantastic!

It was magic to see the snowy peaks from a long distance, and try to understand that this is where I will spend my next 5 months.
Dreamy, may I say!

Once in Sierra Nevada we arrived at the hostel we will be staying at, until May. We also live here two and two in a room, and it is incredibly cozy in every way with my roommate. Talking about the day in the evening, discussing and opening up if something does not feel good is important, however… to be able to take your OWN time and have YOUR OWN space it’s important too.



Sierra Nevada is one of the sunniest ski resorts, and I am eternally grateful to just be here. To not stand outside and freeze when teaching, or having children, young people, adults, complaining that it is too cold makes the whole situation easier. Everything is so much more fun and enjoyable.

I mean look at these pictures…



Remember that in Sierra Nevada you are close to everything! If you want to go ski, then it is very close and convenient … but if we talk about a big shopping and the city life, then GRANADA is 40 minutes away with a bus that goes smoothly up and down the mountain a few times a day. If you want to go to the beach then Malaga, Marbella etc. are just a few options close by.

Interested in doing a season in Sierra Nevada Spain like Vendela did, just apply here! If you want more information about our courses and doing a season in Spain click here to read more. 

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