My Season in New Zealand

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Johan Eksing February 13, 2020

Can you do a winter season in New Zealand when there is summer in Europe? You can, and Johan did it last summer. Read about his experience where a season was not just a season, but also a trip to a foreign country where he could explore on his days off.

I had the opportunity to do a season in New Zealand and to be part of a fantastic ski school. When I signed up for the Snowminds instructor course in New Zealand, I had the expectation that I would become a trained snowboard instructor and have some super cool mountain experiences. When I look back on my course, it has exceeded all expectations. I had the opportunity to live with other young people who had the same passion for skiing / snowboarding, become part of a fantastic ski school and experience the Queenstown area.

For starters, traveling to a new country where I got to live with foreign people was a great cultural experience. As time went by, we became a small family, living together in slightly too small but perfect rooms. We have both laughed and cried together, supported each other through hard exam periods and had the coolest experiences. But most importantly, I feel like I’ve made friends for life, who always have my back.

In addition, I was hired at a fantastic ski school, which was ran by experienced instructors from around the world. Instructors who have a huge passion for skiing / snowboarding and love to teach. For me, it was the perfect place to start. If I was in doubt about anything or just needed someone to talk to there were always instructors with tonnes of experience who were ready with good tricks, a little peptalk or funny story to cheer one up. 

Last but not least, I got the opportunity to experience New Zealand as a tourist. On our New Zealand course, we had one to two days off from training and work every week. If I had two days, I usually spent one on the mountain and the other exploring the area. I had the opportunity to visit the cozy wineries in the area, hike around the mountains, visit a sheep farm, ride mountain bikes, bungee jump and more. To sum it up, there is something for everyone whether you are for a relaxing day in a spa, a nice walk or a day full adrenaline.

My trip to New Zealand has been incredible. I have become a much better snowboarder, learned a lot about what it is like to teach others and learned a lot about myself.

If you are considering a season “down under” with Snowminds, live in Queenstown and have a season in The Remarkables, New Zealand, one of the Southern Hemisphere’s absolute best ski areas, then hurry up to submit an application our way, we only have space for 16 lucky ski instructors and 8 lucky snowboard instructors.

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