Good to know before applying for a Canadian Working Holiday Visa

Snowminds March 6, 2020

Before you go to Canada with Snowminds you will need a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) to be eligible to work at a ski school. A WHV gives you the right to work and travel in Canada up to 12 months.  There are limited amount of  visas, so you should apply in good time to get one. The visa process can be confusing sometimes –  that’s where Snowminds comes in. We are here to guide you along the way. Typically the visa process takes about 2 months, but it can also take more or less time. With this said – it’s important to apply early to do a season in Canada – so you have time to get your visa approved prior to departure. 



Here’s a few “good to know” points:

  • The visa process from start to finish takes about 2 months
  • There is a limited amount of visas available every year*
  • The majority of the process you can do online, except for the last step where you need to go to one of the official visa offices to do biometrics
  • The cost for the Working Holiday Visa is 335 CAD**
  • You need to be 18-30 years old to apply for a Working Holiday Visa*

When you have gone through Snowminds recruitment process and have your confirmed spot, we will help you with the visa application. We will send a step-by-step guide to you which will include all the tools you need to go through the visa process. If you have any further questions – let us know!  Hope to see you soon in the snow ☃️

Matilda, Team Snowminds

Pssst…. The Working Holiday Visas usually run out fairly quick – reserve your spot with Snowminds before it’s too late, so that you can have the winter of your dreams in Canada! 


*This depends on your eligibility for a visa, what citizenship and passport you have

**This can change from year to year, depends on your nationality and is decided by the Canadian government 

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