Do I need experience to become a ski instructor?

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Trine Størup October 18, 2019

“How much experience do I need to become an instructor?”

It’s a question we often get asked and the answer often surprises people. 

First of all, it has to be said that we have a very high passing percentage on the exam (More than 90% of our courses). If you don’t pass, the reason why, varies. It can be your ski-level, language problems or because you’re having a bad day, which can happen to everyone.

We have participants that have been skiing from 2 to 20+ weeks and it’s very hard to say the exact level you need to be at. 

Snowminds created custom-designed ski and snowboard camps to optimise your skills at whatever level you are. So you can freshen up your skills before the Snowminds Instructor courses start!

You can read more about the different camps we offer below..

Basic Camp

If you’ve never skied before, but want a fun start with other young people and talented trainers who can get you started, then the basic camp is for you. If you’ve been skiing several times, but dream of taking the next big step to really developing your level, it’s possible as well.

Basic Camp is a perfect opportunity for those who would like a season as an instructor, but are unsure of their level. You will earn all the experience you need to become an instructor!

Improvement Camp

This camp is for experienced skiers or instructors who want to get top quality training and develop further with other skilled enthusiasts. The teaching is based on your current level and will typically take place on the slopes, the park and in powder.

In short, we use the whole mountain to challenge and develop you! Essential for those who want to take the next level in their career.

Off-piste camp

The off-piste camp is for experienced skiers or trained instructors who want to try off-piste with top quality training and the feeling of controlling the powder. 

The teaching is based on your current level and will typically take place in the woods, open backcountry runs, etc.

Of course, what will be the safest to ski, which is also a big part of driving off-piste – knowledge of how wind and weather affect the safety of the different parts of the mountain.

Read more about our camps and improvement courses or apply for a spot.

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