5 best training exercises to prepare for the winter season

Snowminds August 8, 2019

We’ve all been there – getting back to the slopes after a long break and the second you get your ski boots on, you realise the ski shape isn’t like last year. It can’t be true! Are my legs tiring after the first slope?!

There’s a very common saying, that if you stay in decent shape, you’ll be ready for skiing, but the truth is that you use a lot of different muscle groups and you’re making movements, that are far from your everyday motions.


Snowminds ski- and snowboard home exercise schedule


In collaboration with the physiotherapisthouse FYSIQ, we’ve made a 3 month training-program which is available for every instructor going with Snowminds.

The whole program is exclusively focusing on the core- and leg muscles that are very important to improve your skiing, there’s a lot of focus on the knee joints which is where the most injures occur when skiing.


The 5 best exercises for the ski vacation

We’ve put the 5 most fundamental exercises in the program, which means it’s for everyone to enjoy!

The exercises below are meant to have a start-up phase, which means you’ll start slow and raise the weight as you slowly proceed. Remember to focus on the quality and execution of the exercise, as they can be challenging for the knee joints.

We recommend to use the program for at least a moth before going on vacation, for the best possible experience.



  • 2-3 days per week
  • Suggested to combine with fitness
  • Watch the videos after the program to see the correct execution of every exercise, there’s also a few alternatives included.



Watch the video below:

Have a good training!

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