10 Things worth knowing before going on a season as a ski instructor

Snowminds January 31, 2022

You are probably wondering what it’s gonna be like moving to a different country, and how to behave when all of a sudden you are walking around in a uniform. To make you a little bit more prepared for what awaits you in the snow, we have made a list of 10 things that are good to know and that can give you the ultimate season.

  1. Always be kind to others. When you are hired at a ski school, and get your uniform, you suddenly become the ski school’s face to the outside world. That is why it is important, especially when you are wearing your uniform, to always be friendly, polite and outgoing towards both the locals and the tourists. It will make your own life easier while you are away, but will also delight your boss to see the ski school being well represented.
  2. You are gonna use your equipment everyday – spend time finding the right gear for you. You will use your equipment every day. Therefore, it is really important that you invest time and effort in finding the gear that fits you perfectly. It is important both to have some boots that fit well but at least as important to have some good goggles so you can teach in all kinds of weather.
  3. Be open and apart of the community. You will live with many different people who have different nationalities and different ways of living. Therefore, always be open to the other instructors. There should be room for everyone in the instructor houses, and it will be a much better experience if everyone is open to each other. Your colleagues at the ski school will be your bonus family during the period you are away. Therefore, make sure to participate in the community, whether it is team dinner, apres-ski, instructor training or something completely different. It will make your experience very special and you will make friendships for life!
  4. Give everything you have! Always do everything you can. Whether it’s the instructor course or working in the ski school. Always give everything you have and can when you are teaching your groups. If you go in with the mindset that you always give 100%, you will also advance your ski level faster.
  5. Throw yourself into things you are unsure off This advice is mostly aimed at the language. You will mostly speak English and German while you are away. And the best advice for that is just to dive into it. Do not worry about whether you pronounce the words correctly or whether the sentence is grammatically correct. The relationship with your ski school boss just gets a lot better if you try. In addition, you will also find that if you just talk a lot, then you will become really good at speaking English and German.
  6. Get into shape before your ski season. Spend some time before you leave to get in good shape. By showing up in good physical condition, the long days of skiing during the course will seem like a breeze and you will have more surplus to constantly develop and take your level to new heights. In addition to the fact that the training can give you more profit, the training can also prevent injuries.
  7. The salary is not super high, so bring some money from home. To have a little (extra) money for pleasures, such as. to visit Snowmind’s friends in other areas, paragliding or heliskiing. Is it an advantage to have savings from home because the instructor’s salary is not very high, but it is high enough that most people can live off of it.
  8. Bring your favorite snack. Not all places you can be sure of getting your favorite snack. Whether it’s remoulade or Knorr Bearnaise, either bring a small stock, or have family and friends take it with you when they come and visit. You will be amazed at how much you can miss a snack!
  9. Spend time getting to know the area well. Your teaching will be much better when you can also tell a little about the local area or point out some special characteristics. Read up a bit on the area from home so you know what you are getting into and what it is known for, many guests will inquire into restaurants, sights or anything else, so it’s mega cool to have done a little bit of research in advance.
  10. Remember to enjoy it! The season flies by and before you know it, you are on your way home. And feel that you are not finished working as a ski instructor at all, so enjoy it and soak up all the experiences for yourself!


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