Become A Snowboard Instructor and Experience JaPOW!

The Dream in Japan


A season with Snowminds is not only about snow. It’s also about diving deep into a new culture and environment. On that front, Japan delivers. The country’s rich history and culture offers you a world within a world. The equation is simple: Live in a cultural epicenter + Eat world-class cuisine + Shred the finest powder = JaPOW. Tough to resist, right?


That’s why Snowminds is excited to offer you the opportunity to become a paid snowboard instructor in Japan with a job guarantee. With our 3 week ski instructor training course, you can go from a relative beginner to a competent ski instructor with the ability to grow immensely throughout your season. It may seem like a dream, but it is absolutely within your reach!






Over a 3 week training course in Japan with our most talented and experienced coaches, you will quickly develop your snowboard  technique and teaching skills to become a highly-competent snowboard instructor. After passing your Level 1 exam, the journey gets even more exciting as you will immediately begin working as a beginner snowboard instructor at your designated ski school in Japan. Now working as a paid snowboard instructor and shredding powder every day awaits you!


Your daily life as a paid snowboard instructor may not be glamorous, but it’s certainly romantic. Each morning you will wake up to the world’s freshest powder with an average of 16 meters of snow per season. You will also get the chance to immerse yourself in an ancient and sophisticated culture, where everything from the food to the sauna in Japan is of the highest quality. Across the Hokkaido landscape lie several active volcanoes, which stand tall and silently beg you to shred them. Throughout your season as a snowboard instructor, it’s your job to fulfill that sacred mission and shred powder like you never have before.


Recommendation: Check out our 5 Star Facebook reviews and learn more about Snowminds from our ski and snowboard instructors!




As a snowboard instructor in Japan, you should expect quality work and living conditions in a truly local Japanese environment. Although your guests will be primarily from Australia and other English-speaking countries, your day to day life will also give you the opportunity to live and work as the Japanese do. In practice, that means enjoying freshly-prepared Japanese food each day during group meals your ski school, and then getting to enjoy afternoon and night-skiing sessions with your colleagues and friends. It’s a close-knit community and you should expect your Japanese colleagues to warmly welcome you with open arms.


In terms of cultural opportunities, you will get the chance to visit the mainland and explore Tokyo, one of the world’s most modern cities. Get a taste of a culture, where sushi or kobe steak is always an option, and then top-off the meal with a trip to the hot springs, called Onsen. Finish your night in a karaoke bar and sing Barbie Girl at the top of your lungs. It’s hard go wrong. If this adventure interests you, then get in line now. Trust us, it’s worth it.




When you travel with Snowminds we take care of all the practicalities. That way you can pack your bags and good vibes and focus on preparing for your next adventure.


With this course package, you can look forward to the following benefits:


  • A winter season in Japan as a snowboard instructor
  • 3-week Level 1 snowboard instructor training course in Japan (including, all NZSIA, CASI or APSI Level 1 exam fees and course materials)
  • Job at a local ski school in Japan with accommodation, season lift pass and a uniform*
  • Accommodation for 3 weeks during your training course, with breakfast and dinner included
  • Roundtrip flights to Japan (from a major international airport)**
  • Local transport to your ski school in Japan from the airport
  • Kick-off Event prior to the season in Denmark to meet your fellow Snowminders and prepare you for the season (this is also streamed online if you can’t attend)
  • Closing Celebration Event after completing your course
  • Invitation to Snowminds Reunion Party after your season ends
  • Social activities planned during the course
  • Snowminds Team Leader to support you during the course
  • A dedicated team to support you before, during and after the winter season
  • Help with the visa application and all other practicalities to prepare for winter
  • Confidence in Danish travel company that is a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund
  • A total experience where all the practicalities are arranged for you
  • A strong community with fellow Snowminders
  • Pro-deals at Snowmindsstore
  • Travel protection with Snowminds Money Back Guarantee
  • Opportunity for level 2 training/ certification
  • Opportunity to explore Japan after your season ends


What is not included?


  • Any visa application fees/costs
  • Travel activity after the season ends (including, transport from your destination to the airport)
  • Cancellation and travel insurance
  • Security deposit and rental costs for your seasonal winter housing 
  • Possible expenses for uniform during the season (this varies from ski school to ski school – deposit may be required or part of uniform e.g ski pants may be self provided).
  • Equipment for the season
  • Pocket money and anything else not mentioned above in the included section. 
  • Extra luggage beyond the two (2) bags included with your roundtrip flights    


*Seasonal accommodation and season lift pass can be conditional on passing education and maintaining subsequent employment.

**Return flights is included from a major international airport including London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam or Copenhagen. We will happily arrange flights from other areas, such as Edinburgh or Sydney, upon request and likely extra charges. In all cases, please be aware that there may be additional costs depending on departure airport, flight availabilities and price increases! We will notify you before final flight bookings is made in such cases. You are also welcome to book your own flights, in which case we provide a 700 euro discount to your trip. If you have any questions please just reach out to us.


"Shredding JaPOW is unreal. Every morning you wake up thinking: Damn, there's no place I'd rather be today."

- August, Snowminds Instructor



At Snowminds we pride ourselves in selecting the right people for our team of ski- and snowboard instructors. We are renowned amongst the ski schools for educating competent, energetic and top motivated ski- and snowboard instructors. You don’t have to be an expert on the snow, and no matter what your level is – we have a course that is tailor made just for you. We will make sure you receive the necessary training before your exam so you’re ensured to live out your winter dream as an instructor in Japan. The most important thing for you is to be positive, outgoing, adventurous and ready to work hard to get the memory of a lifetime as a part of the Snowminds team.

What we expect from you:

  • You have snowboarded a minimum of 3-4 weeks
  • You are positive, outgoing and adventurous
  • You are serious, responsible and top motivated
  • You are good with kids, teens, and adults
  • You enjoy teaching and love being challenged  
  • You speak English at a conversational level
  • You are 18 years or above  


When you have sent your application you will receive an invitation for a Skype interview. During the interview will evaluate your candidacy while you have the opportunity to get more information about our courses and the experience as an instructor in Japan.
After the interview, we will call you and let you know whether or not we can offer you a spot on our team.  

We have a big interest in our courses and the spots fill up quickly. Therefore we have a “first come, first serve” principle with an application deadline each month. This means that the earlier you send in your application, the greater your chances are of joining the team and getting your dream destination.

Use the application form below, where you will find our prices and dates, or fill out the application form above.  





The Snowminds job guarantee and how it works

The job guarentee means that we will make sure you have a job at the skischool, after you have successfully passed your instructor training. You will already know at which destination you will spend your season at, before departure. The job guarantee is naturally conditional on your ski and snowboard teacher training, which over 90% of our students successfully pass. Even in the event you do not receive your certification, we still do everything we can to ensure you a job. That way you enjoy your season as an instructor like everyone else and then retake your certification. With six years of experience to date, we are proud to say we have always been able to find a job for 100% of our instructors after graduation from our training course.


Training Course Housing

During the course you’ll have arranged housing with all the other Snowminds Instructors. You’ll have a fantastic community like feel together with all your future colleagues.

Ski Season Housing

Wherever you go, Snowminds guarantees you arranged housing. The ski schools in Japan are usually just for the instructors and don’t expect 5 star luxury. The living situation differs from resort to resort. Typically you share the accommodation with a handfull of instructors. Regardless of the solution, we’re absolutely certain that this will quickly become your new home and colleagues your new family. We’re sure that you’ll have a little tear in your eye when the season is at its last chapter and you’re about to move out of your home.



An average salary for a starting instructor in Japan is around 1100-1600 JPY per hour. In addition to this there are often opportunities for bonuses, for example a guest may wish to extend their lesson with you as an instructor. The job as an instructor won’t get you rich money wise, but definitely rich with experiences. We recommend bringing pocket money which will allow you to have the freedom to fully enjoy your season. The pay also depends on your own motivation, your working ethics and your previous working experience.


Transport To/From Japan

Your tickets to and from Japan are included in the price. As we want you to have as much flexibility as possible the transport to the airport after your season isn’t included. This gives you the opportunity to travel around after your season. Many of our former instructors went to discover Japan’s nature, Tokyo, or went for a longer trip in Asia after their season was done. We have loads of experience when it comes to after season travels, so if that is something you are interested in, you can always bring it up during your interview. If you wish to travel home from a different country, we will be happy to help you with that.

Transport to the Ski School

After your education is complete and the farewell party is over, we will arrange transport to your ski school. The day of arrival is an exciting one, as you will meet your boss for the first time and you’ll get to settle into your new accommodation for the upcoming season. We run courses in many different destinations, so you can be lucky enough to have the course at your destination so you won’t have to take an extra trip down to your destination.

Course Price

Course Icon 3 Week Snowboard Instructor Course + Job Guarantee

Course Icon from €7.595

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Course Icon November - April

Course Icon Sign up deposit €100


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