New Zealand

Become a Ski Instructor Intern

The Dream


Do you dream about becoming a ski instructor and spending a full season in New Zealand? Are you looking to skip the summer in exchange for a snowy and mountainous landscape? If so, you’re in good company. We are extremely proud to announce New Zealand as our new destination! Snowminds has created a unique opportunity for anyone to quickly become a certified ski instructor and spend a season working as a part-time intern in Cardrona, New Zealand, one of the best ski resorts in the southern hemisphere. 





The Training


Your journey to become a ski instructor intern will begin with a flight to Queenstown, New Zealand. You will spend a couple of days in Wanaka, a town close to Cardrona Resort, before you begin your 5 days of ski training from June 18-22. Afterwards, you will have one day off before taking your New Zealand (NZSIA) Level 1 course exam from June 24-28.


Our experienced coaches in Cardrona, New Zealand will start from scratch with the very basics of skiing so everyone can build a solid foundation. From there you will train steadily each day, moving from the basics to more refined techniques. With good vibes and solid dedication, your abilities will develop signifantly so you can crush your Level 1 exam (June 24-28). After passing your exam, you will go through an introductory course, where you learn what it really means to work as a professional ski instructor. This “hands-on” training involves shadowing experienced instructors from your ski school, who will show you the proper techniques for teaching and encouraging your future students. Your introductory training will end on July 6th, after which you can expect to have your first official working day as a new member of the Cardrona Ski School.


Throughout your season, you will have twelve (12) additional ski training days to continue your skill development. This will be built into your daily work schedule as an instructor for maximum convenience, with one full training day and one evening training per week. At the end of this seasonal training, you will also have the opportunity to choose whether you want to take the New Zealand Level 2 exam in September, which we definitely recommend!


Recommendation: Check out our 5 Star Facebook reviews and learn more about Snowminds from our ski and snowboard instructors!


The Instructor Life


As an certified instructor, you can look forward to a season in a country long considered to offer some of the finest skiing in the southern hemisphere. Equally important, the snow culture in New Zealand is massive – not only are there cosy and picturesque alpine villages in Cardrona, but also entire metropolises, which are obsessed with skiing (i.e. Queenstown) . That means you will learn from some of the absolute best and get the chance to drink beers together with world-renowned Olympic Freestyle athletes after a day on the slopes. 


During the season you will live with the other participants on the Snowminds course in the charming town of Wanaka, which has plenty of restaurants, bars and a stunning lake. With a season that often lasts from June to Se ptember, a season in New Zealand makes it possible to only keep your skis packed for a single day per year: namely, the day you fly back to the northern hemisphere.




When you travel with Snowminds we take care of all the practicalities. That way you can pack your bags and good vibes and focus on preparing for your next adventure in New Zealand.

With this course package, you can look forward to the following benefits:


    • Job Guarantee as a ski instructor intern in Cardrona, New Zealand with an employment contract from July 7 to September 23
    • 3 week ski instructor course course in Cardrona (including preparations days, Level 1 exam and ski school orientation)
    • 5 preparation days before your Level 1 exam
    • 5 Days NZSIA Level 1 ski instructor course (including membership of NZSIA)
    • 1 week of orientation and introductory training at your ski school to better prepare you as an instructor.
    • 2 months of Level 2 ski training from July to August (one full day and one evening day per week)
    • 3 weeks of accommodation during your Level 1 course
    • All local transportation for training & exam days
    • Salary and Season Lift Pass at Cardrona Resort
    • Help with the visa application and all other practicalities
    • Help with finding accommodation for your full season at Cardrona (monthly rent is not included)*
    • Future Job Garantee in Canada or New Zealand, if desired
    • Travel advice (including, tips and tricks for packing, insurance, etc.)
    • Assistance with a ski instructor job in Japan, Canada or Austria for the upcoming winter
    • Confidence in an established Danish travel company
    • A total experience where all the practicalities are arranged for you   
    • A strong community of fellow Snowminds instructors


    What is not included?

    • Transport to New Zealand and Wanaka, where the Snowminds training course begins.**
    • Visa application costs, cancellation and travel insurance
    • Travel activity after the season ends (including transportation from your destination to the airport)
    • Food
    • Rent for accommodation and work-related costs during the season (this varies from ski school to ski school)
    • Pocket money and anything else not mentioned above (i.e. personal costs for things during your course and season, including housing costs after July 7)


    As always, we take care of all the practicalities and coordinate with our skilled partners in New Zealand. We promise you will always be surrounded by our partners, therefore ensuring that you experience the safety and security we are known for!


    *You will live in a house or apartment in Wanaka, where the first 3 weeks are paid by Snowminds. Afterwards, you can then stay at the accommodation for the rest of the season at your own expense.

    ** We are happy to assist with the booking of airline tickets, including airport transfers to your final destination. Please reach out to us ANYTIME if you are interested. 



    For community and security, we think it’s always best to travel together. Therefore, we have created the following travel program, which gives you the option to travel with fellow instructors.


    Travel Program:


    • June 14: Departure to Queenstown and then bus transport to Wanaka
    • June 18 – 22: Preparation ski training for Level 1 exam
    • June 24 – 28: NZSIA level 1 ski instructor education
    • June 30: Introduction day to Cardrona Ski School
    • July 2 – 5: “Shadow training”, where you follow experienced instructors and learn how to teach better
    • July 7: Your first expected working day
    • July and August: Work regularly, with one full day and one evening day of training per week.
    • September 7 – 14: Level 2 Exam (Optional)
    • September 23: Employment contract ends and you have the opportunity to travel around New Zealand or elsewhere.




    At Snowminds, we take pride in offering everyone with the right passion and attitude the opportunity to become part of our community of ski and snowboard instructors.  


    Basically, we expect you to:

    • Ski decently well on all types of slopes
    • Be outgoing, positive, motivated, and responsible
    • Feel good working with children, young people and adults alike
    • Enjoy teaching and being challenged
    • Speak English at a conversational level
    • At least 18 years old


    After submitting your application, we will give you a call and review your candidacy. During this conversation you will also have the opportunity to hear more about our other course options and what it’s really like to be a ski or snowboard instructor in New Zealand. We’ll then get back to you soon with more information on whether we can offer you a place on our team.

    There is great interest in this course and therefore available positions fill-up quickly. Generally, we operate on a “first come – first served” principle. That means the earlier you apply, the greater your chances are to join the team. You can apply here.


    Course Price

    Course Icon 3 Week Ski Instructor Intern Course in New Zealand + Full Season & Job Guarantee

    Course Icon €4499

    Course Icon Book before 24 December for the guaranteed best price

    Course Icon 11/06/2019 to 16/09/2019

    Course Icon Deposit: €95


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