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Become a ski instructor in New Zealand

Turn Summer into Winter


Is it your dream to become a ski instructor in New Zealand for an entire season? Would you like to trade in the summer for a snow-covered, mountainous landscape? If so, you have come the right place.

We are extremely proud to present this unique opportunity: 10-weeks of summer as a ski instructor in Queenstown, New Zealand! For the first time in Snowminds’ history, you now have the opportunity to take the Level 1 & 2 ski instructor course “Down Under” with Snowminds. All of this while living in Queenstown, experiencing a season in The Remarkables, New Zealand – the ultimate ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere. The only downside is our few 8 spots – so be quick and secure yourself a spot ASAP.







From the beginning of June and onwards, you will receive 10-weeks of training from certified ski instructors, while preparing yourself for your Level 1 ski instructor exam and working at The Remarkables ski school. Last but not least, you will further have the opportunity to complete your Level 2 exam.

The action gets real when you arrive on in Queenstown, New Zealand at the beginning of June. Together with the rest of the group you will commence your first day of training with the Denzel Washington of New Zealand. Over the course of 10 days, you will be trained by certified instructors, ultimately preparing you to pass the Level 1 ski instructor exam (NZSIA) and become a certified ski instructor.

Our super skilled New Zealand instructors will begin by teaching basic ski techniques while building upon your existing skills on the slopes. The instructors will keep the level of ski suitable for the entire group, so you will be sure to pass your Level 1 exam with flying colors. As soon as you have passed your Level 1 exam you will receive a thorough introduction to the ski school together with fellow new- and experienced instructors. From here on, you will have all the tools necessary to take on your own pupils. The process comes to an end around July 1st, which is when you can expect your first day teaching as a licensed ski instructor.

In the following 3 weeks, you will become an integrated part of the ski school. When the 3 weeks have passed, your instructors will once again work with you to further develop your skills on the slopes. During this period you can join a 12-day training programme while working sporadically, and have the possibility to enjoy The Remarkable’s famous powder. If you’re up for it and if your level of skiing allows it, you can complete New Zealand’s Level 2 exam at the beginning of August. This means you will achieve your Level 1 & 2 certificates during a Summer season! Something we can most definitely recommend.

Your season, together with your Level 1 & 2 certificates is a door opener to future seasons with Snowminds at some of our other unique destinations, e.g Japan or Canada, with a job guarantee. You can also end your Summer season traveling around spectacular New Zealand – the opportunities are endless and entirely up to you!




As a certified ski instructor in New Zealand, you can expect a season in a country that presumably provides the best ski conditions in the Southern Hemisphere. The people in New Zealand love skiing, and furthermore, Queenstown is considered the World’s Adventure Capital. Each year, Queenstown attracts a huge number of world-class freestyle and freeriders. Ultimately, this means that you will improve your skills while drinking beers with world-famous Olympic freestyle riders.

During the season, you will be accommodated with fellow Snowminders in the legendary Queenstown. Queenstown offers a wide variety of tasty restaurants, bars, and exclusive shopping. After the season – which usually runs from mid-June to end-September – you have the opportunity to travel around New Zealand or explore Australia with your new friends. Officially, your training will end early August, whereafter you decide whether to stay or travel further.



We’ve created a holistic experience, where you will become a certified ski instructor in New Zealand and work as an instructor at The Remarkables. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to experience other parts of New Zealand – such as its beautiful scenery and unique laid-back culture. Once your season has ended, you have the opportunity to travel on your own, with fellow instructors, or with others you’ve met during your time in New Zealand. It is also possible to plan hiking tours, skydiving and much more. In the World’s Adventure Capital, the possibilities are endless!


With this course package, you can look forward to the following benefits:


  • 10 weeks ski instructor course, combined with a job as a certified ski instructor at The Remarkables, New Zealand
  • Accommodation in Queenstown for 11 weeks (June – August)
  • Snowminds Team Leader during the entire season
  • Season lift pass for The Remarkable ski resort
  • 5 days NZSIA Level 1 ski instructor course, including an NZSIA membership, course fees, and manuals
  • Bus pass for the ski bus the entire season
  • 3 weeks job guarantee in July after your Level 1 exam
  • 8 weeks Level 1 ski training preparation
  • Assistance with visa applications and other practicalities
  • 1-week training at the ski school, preparing you for life as a certified ski instructor
  • Further 12 days technique training in July and August, with the possibility to take a Level 2 exam
  • Preparation guidance and tips regarding packing, insurance etc., before, during and after the season
  • Possible job guarantee in Canada and Japan


What is not included?


  • Transportation to/from Queenstown, New Zealand*
  • Cancellation insurance, travel insurance, and visa fees
  • Potential NZSIA Level 2 (price approx. €600)
  • Pocket money and anything else not mentioned above (i.e. personal costs for things during your course and season, including housing costs after the course ends in July)


As always, we take care of all the practicalities and coordinate with our skilled partners in New Zealand. We promise you will always be surrounded by our partners, therefore ensuring that you experience the safety and security we are known for!


* We are happy to assist with the booking of airline tickets, including airport transfers to your final destination. Please reach out to us ANYTIME if you are interested. 



For community and security, we think it’s always best to travel together. Therefore, we have created the following travel program, which gives you the option to travel with fellow instructors.


Travel Program*:

  • Around June 5th: Arrival Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Around June 7th – 15th: Ski preparation training for Level 1 exam
  • Around June 17th – 21st: NZSIA Level 1 ski instructor exam
  • Around June 23rd – 30th: Introduction to the ski school and job interview
  • Around July 1st- 20th: Work at the ski school as a certified ski instructor
  • Around July 21st – August 5th: 12 further days of training
  • Around August 8th – 15th: Level 2 exam (optional)
  • Around August 18th: Last day at the accommodation. Possibility to extend, return home or travel around New Zealand

*The Travel Program is approximate and can be subject to changes



At Snowminds, we take pride in offering everyone with the right passion and attitude the opportunity to become part of our community of ski and snowboard instructors.  


Basically, we expect you to:

  • Ski decently on all types of slopes with the willingness to improve
  • Be outgoing, positive, motivated, and responsible
  • Feel good working with children, young people and adults alike
  • Enjoy teaching and being challenged
  • Speak English at a conversational level
  • At least 18 years old


After submitting your application, we will give you a call and review your candidacy. During this conversation, you will also have the opportunity to hear more about our other course options and what it’s really like to be a ski or snowboard instructor in New Zealand. We’ll then get back to you soon with more information on whether we can offer you a place on our team.

We only have 8 available spots for this course and they fill up quickly. Generally, we operate on a “first come – first served” principle. That means the earlier you apply, the greater your chances are to join the team. You can apply here.


Course Icon 10 Week ski instructor course in New Zealand

Course Icon Introduction Price: €7995

Course Icon Next application deadline the 18th of March

Course Icon Queenstown, New Zealand

Course Icon Early June - Mid-August

Course Icon Deposit price: €95


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