Powder to the neck, and a sip to Sapporo


Skiing in Japan is special and Teine is undoubtedly the best location if you are looking for a good mix between citylife and skiing. Sapporo downtown is just 15 km from the mountain and the city has a population of 2 million people. Teine consists of two mountains, one is the highland area, which consists of the top of the mountain, the other is the Olympia zone found at the bottom of the mountain. It is a ski resort that takes full advantage of nature. And you will be able to look out over the beautiful “Sea of Japan” when skiing! Get started and become a ski instructor in Teine for the season of a lifetime!


When you arrive in Teine, you will find that the area covers all levels. Here is 30% of the area for beginners, 40% for experienced and 30% for the experts. The ski school has its own ski park, which you will enjoy when you teach. Although the mountain is a stone’s throw from Sapporo, you will still experience a local Japanese ski school, which is why you in Teine get a bit of both – the metropolitan experience combined with true Japanese culture.


Whether you are into deep powder skiing, local hot springs, karaoke bars or anything else, Teine offers a great cultural experience with its only 30 minutes drive from Sapporo. The city’s many options and location make it possible to take a day trip to one of Japan’s most famous cities, Sapporo, or take a trip to one of the many other surrounding ski areas. Every year, Sapporo holds an ice festival, that people from all over the world flock to experience. The Ice Festival showcases the highest level of creations of ice sculptures that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.



  • 1023 meters high
  • 13 lifts
  • 30 min direct to Sapporo
  • Hot springs
  • Japanese metropolis in your backyard
  • Ice festival
  • Around 10 meters annual snowfall

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