Become an instructor in Red Mountain

“No strangers”

The Destination


Become a ski instructor in Red Mountain? Back in 1890, deposits of gold-copper ore were discovered on Red Mountain. This news sparked a major gold rush, which filled the region with miners, primarily Scandinavians. These Nordic gold-seekers brought their passion for skiing with them and soon-after created the Rossland Ski Club, which held the first recorded ski competitions in Canada in 1897. That’s how the story got started. Fast forward to the present and Red Mountain is once again a local treasure hidden off the map. With 110 slopes and 7 meters of annual snowfall, Red Mountain offers something special. The ski area includes 50% black slopes, a snowpark with 20 rails, boxes and kickers, tree runs. The Granite Mountain peak of 2075 meters is the largest in the region and provides many off-piste possibilities.



The Ski School


Snow Sports Red Mountain has about 40 instructors who come back every year because of the good working conditions and organised group activities, like the classic Canadian curling or a skating trip after work. The area is just 10 minutes from the US border, so it’s also a popular destination on weekends for local school groups. You should expect to be busy teaching as a ski instructor in Red Mountain.




  • Skiing from 2075m to 1185 m
  • 110 slopes
  • 7 meters annual snowfall
  • 40 instructors in the ski school
  • Active ski school community with many organised excursions
  • Nightlife events


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