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Olympic Terrain & an epic name

About Nakiska 


Just a 45-minute drive from Calgary city, you’ll find Nakiska. With a rich cultural history, Nakiska offers you a truly authentic ski experience in Canada. Today, the resort is the official training area for the Canadian Alpine Sports Association and also an active Olympic site. As a ski instructor in Nakiska, you can expect to become become part of a proud and ambitious skiing culture, which attracts a diverse range of local and international guests. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself, with options such as a funpark, an Olympic ski run, and Grand Slalom slopes. The choice is yours.



The ski instructor life

With lift names like “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze”, it is not exactly concealed that Nakiska has held the Winter Olympics. Many of the runs are also named after local legends, such as “Mighty Peace”, “Walking Buffalo”, “Little Hunter & Sweetgrass” and “Sundance”.When you work as a ski instructor in Nasiska, you’ll therefore be surrounded by history. The town life is not known for a chill vibe, with casinos, pubs and bars to choose from. If you’re look for a bigger party, then get a 1 hour ride to Calgary, where you can get a taste of everything from rodeos to city life. The ski instructor life truly is something special.



  • Skiing from 2260m to 1524m
  • 6 lifts
  • 2.5m annual snowfall
  • Season from early November to mid April
  • World Cup held in 1988

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