Become a ski instructor at Grouse Mountain

Local Ski + Big City Life = The Grouse Combo

The Destination


Located in North Vanouver, only 15 minutes from Downtown, Grouse Mountain is known as the so-called “Peak of Vancouver”. From the city you will see the evening lights on the slopes, and from the hill you will see the entire city spread out before you. Here, at Grouse Mountain, you can will get a full season with the perfect mix of skiing and city-life. In terms of guests, a solid mix of local and international visitors come year-round to enjoy all the activities the mountain has to offer. For example, you can even meet the local Grizzly bears, Coola and Grinder! As a ski instructor at Grouse Mountain, you can expect challenging terrain for all levels and the classic champagne powder Canada is well-known around the world for. It’s a sweet combo!




The Ski School


As a ski instructor at Grouse Mountain, you will work in both a local and truly international environment. Thanks to the proximity of Vancouver, visitors from all over the world come to Grouse mountain to experience authentic Canadian skiing. In other words, you will get the opportunity to instruct a solid mix of both locals and international guests. The ski school at Grouse is one of the oldest in North America, and the instructors working there are highly-experienced and come from around the world.


The Instructor Life


Working at Grouse Mountain is obviously about skiing, but also about making the most of life in Vancouver. The city is famous for its rich cultural life and dining experiences. On Granville Island, for example, you will find plenty of exciting foreign food and art shops in a cool industrial environment. Stanley Park is also super popular for a stroll that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. If you like sports, visit Rogers Arena to watch the Vancouver Canucks destroy their opponent. You could also spend a full day visiting the many microbreweries spread across the city. Overall, as a ski instructor at Grouse Mountain, you will never get bored. You’ll become a”local” on the mountain and in one of North America’s premier cities – in other words, the best of both worlds!



  • Located only 15 minutes to Downtown Vancouver!
  • They got Grizzly bears, including Coola and Grinder
  • The famous Grouse Mountain Skyride offers an 850m ascent to the peak of Vancouver
  • A total of 384 fall height meters
  • 26 well-prepared slopes
  • Night skiing overlooking Vancouver
  • 86 hectares of skiable terrain
  • Longest hill: 1 kilometer +
  • 2.5 meters of snowfall per year
  • Highest point 1250 meters

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