12 week level 1 + 2 ski instructor course in Saas Fee

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Become a ski instructor in Saas Fee

Join us for an unforgettable adventure in Saas Fee! The glacier village of Saas-Fee, fringed by 13 four-thousand-meter peaks, has the descriptive nickname “The Pearl of the Alps” among winter sports enthusiasts in Saas-Fee.

Together with Saas-Grund and Saas-Almagell, the resort forms a ski region that is very snow-sure during the winter months. The slopes are located at an altitude of up to 3,600 meters. A large part of the slopes in the glacier ski area can even be used all year round.

All the more reason for us to be proud to present a unique winter season experience in Saas Fee, where you combine work and play throughout the season on our English spoken level 1 and 2 ski instructor training program in Saas Fee.




From January onwards, you will participate in our level 1 and 2, ski instructor training program which is completely in English. The program is run by our top professional trainers and designed to prepare you for work as an instructor in a ski school in Switzerland. Within 12 weeks you’ll receive a lot of training and you can shred until the end of April!

We got your season covered with a season lift pass, accommodation for 4 months, an internationally recognized level 1 and level 2 exam and 170 hours of training from top-professional instructors. This course is focused on training and does not have any promises of work, but if the conditions allow, then shadow hours at a local ski school will be provided. If you are more interested in work opportunities during the season we would recommend our full-season Level 1+2 course in Saas Fee.


For good reason, Switzerland is one of the most desired ski destinations for both new and experienced ski instructors. Experienced skiers can try their luck on the FIS World Cup slope, on which numerous ski idols have already skied. For freeskiers, the winter sports area of Saas-Fee also offers plenty of exciting opportunities in the fun park with a large half pipe , and lots of kickers and rails. Saas Fee is internationally renowned, receiving  guests from all over the world and you can feel that in daily life in the village with its international vibe. 

During the season, you will be accommodated with fellow Snowminders. Instructors tend to hang out throughout the season and typically meet up at a few local spots in the resort whereby  they explore  the resort together on their days off. 



We’ve created a holistic winter experience from January to April, where you will become a certified ski instructor. With this course package, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • A winter in Saas Fee
  • Shared season accommodation in Saas Fee from January 15th to April 8th, 2022
  • Snowminds Team leader during the entire season
  • Season lift pass for the Saas Fee ski resort
  • 170 intensive hours level 1+2 training program including video analysis and evening sessions
  • Level 1+2 BASI exams including all fees, materials, and membership*
  • Shadowing opportunities
  • Ski school orientation, preparing you for life as a certified ski instructor
  • Social team events during the season
  • Pro-deals at Snowminds Store
  • Pre-season fitness program
  • Online kick-off event prior to departure with group team building etc.
  • Preparation guidance and tips regarding packing, insurance, visa, etc., before, during, and after the season
  • Travel protection with Snowminds Money Back Guarantee


What is not included?

  • Transportation to/from Saas Fee, Switzerland**
  • Cancellation insurance, travel insurance, potential local taxes/registration/visa  fees
  • All meals and anything else not mentioned above


As a Snowminds trademark, we take care of all the practicalities and coordinate with our professional partners in Switzerland to provide you with a life-long experience!

*First Aid certification is not included, however, we are happy to arrange a first aid course for you if are not already First Aid trained. 

** We are happy to assist with recommendations for booking airline tickets and airport transfers to your final destination. Please reach out to us ANYTIME if you are interested. 

Season Planning

Our Saas Fee level 1 and 2 instructor program is perfectly designed for those looking to take a few months off, a career break/change as well as those wanting professional training to improve their skiing and take it to the next level. All this in Saas Fee, some of the best and most varied terrains in the Alps. Enjoy Christmas at home with your families before the adventurous instructor education starts at the beginning of January. If you are not an EU passport holder or eligible to stay in Switzerland for long stays, this is the perfect course for you, keeping your stay just under 90 days and still getting the full instructor experience!

  • 16.1.2022: Arrival and welcome meeting
  • 17.1-21.1.2022: Full day training
  • 22.1 – 23.1.2022: Days off
  • 24.1 – 28.1.2022: Full day training
  • 29.1 – 30.1.2022: Days off
  • 31.1 – 4.2.2022: BASI Level 1 exam
  • 5.2 – 6.2.2022: Days off
  • 7.2 – 11.2.2022: Full day training
  • 12.2 – 13.2.2022: Days off
  • 14.2 – 18.2.2022: Full day training
  • 19.2 – 20.2.2022: Days off
  • 21.2 – 25.2.: Full day training
  • 26.2 – 27.2.2022: Days off
  • 28.2 – 4.3.2022: Full day training
  • 5.3 – 6.3.2022: Days off
  • 7.3 – 11.3.2022: Half-day training
  • 12.3 – 13.3.: Days off
  • 14.3 – 18.3.2022: Half-day training
  • 19.3 – 20.3.2022: Days off
  • 21.3 – 1.4.2022: BASI Level 2 exam
  • 2.4 – 7.4.2022: Days off
  • 8.4.2022: Move out of accommodation


The program is approximate and can be subject to changes. Please note that the Level 1 and 2 training programs consist of on-slope days, off-slope days, and off days. The exact planning is made in accordance with the weather conditions and work schedules.


At Snowminds we pride ourselves in selecting the right people for our team of ski- and snowboard instructors. We are renowned amongst the ski schools for educating competent, energetic and top motivated instructors.  The most important thing for you is to be positive, outgoing, adventurous, and ready to work hard to get the memory of a lifetime as a part of the Snowminds team.

What we expect from you:

  • You feel comfortable skiing on red slopes
  • You are positive, outgoing, and adventurous
  • You are serious, responsible, and top motivated
  • You enjoy teaching and love being challenged  
  • You speak English at a conversational level
  • You are 18 years or above
  • You are eligible to stay in Switzerland for 90 days


When you have sent your application you will receive an invitation for an interview. During the interview, we will evaluate your candidacy while you have the opportunity to get more information about our courses and the experience as a ski instructor in Switzerland. After the interview, we will call you and let you know whether or not we can offer you a spot on our team.  

We have a big interest in our courses and the spots fill up quickly. Therefore we have a “first come, first serve” principle with an application deadline each month. This means that the earlier you send in your application, the greater your chances are of joining the team and getting your dream destination.


Use the application form below, where you will find our prices and dates, or fill out the  application form here.



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