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If you want to become an instructor, Cardrona ski resort stands as a premier alpine destination, boasting a multitude of captivating qualities that entice visitors from around the globe. Nestled conveniently near Wanaka, this resort presents an array of accommodation choices and recreational diversions, ensuring an unforgettable stay. With a terrain as diverse as it is expansive, Cardrona caters to skiers and snowboarders of every proficiency, while a harmonious blend of natural snowfall and state-of-the-art snowmaking technology guarantees impeccable conditions throughout the winter season.

Distinctively, what sets Cardrona apart is its exceptional provision of night skiing, extending the exhilaration well into the night. As the sun dips below the horizon, the slopes come alive with the enchanting glow of floodlights, offering a unique and enchanting twist on the traditional skiing experience. This resort’s panorama, encompassing the breathtaking vistas of the Southern Alps and the serene Cardrona Valley, adds an extra layer of allure to every run.



Renowned for its modern amenities and impeccable service, Cardrona warmly welcomes families seeking an immersive snowscape adventure. The resort is particularly family-friendly, featuring dedicated learning zones that cater to aspiring skiers of all ages. Skilled instructors and tailored lessons ensure that everyone, from wide-eyed beginners to seasoned enthusiasts, can hone their skills and revel in the mountain playground.

Beyond its exceptional skiing and snowboarding offerings, Cardrona hosts a spectrum of exciting events and après-ski indulgences, all in the backdrop of a vibrant alpine atmosphere. From lively festivals to cozy fireside gatherings, the resort’s ambiance comes alive once the sun sets on the slopes. The staff, brimming with experience and enthusiasm, are dedicated to providing an exceptional guest experience at every turn.

If you embark on a journey as an instructor at Cardrona, you gain the remarkable opportunity to immerse yourself in this world of splendor. Not only will you become part of a tight-knit community of snow sports enthusiasts, but you’ll also have firsthand access to the resort’s myriad attractions and wonders. Your role as an instructor will not only impact the lives of those you teach but also grant you an unparalleled insider’s perspective on all that Cardrona has to offer.

You have the opportunity to work as an experienced instructor in Cardrona. You don’t have your instructor certificate yet? No worries – we got you! Join our 10 week Level 1+2 ski instructor program.



  • Located near Wanaka
  • Vertical rise of 462 meters
  • Skiing between 1260 m – 1860 m
  • Snow cannons
  • 40 km marked slopes
  • 9 lifts
  • 7 terrain parks
  • Season from June – October
  • Terrain: 24% beginner, 49% intermediate and 27% expert

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