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The Destination


Canada is one of the top choices for skiers or snowboarders, and for good reason. With its unique snow guarantee, unbeatable champagne powder snow, magnificent scenery, and welcoming culture, Canada offers one of the most notable ski areas in the world. That’s why Snowminds is so excited to offer you the opportunity to become a ski or snowboard instructor and work a full winter season at one of Canada’s best ski resorts. Simply put, Canada offers you something words alone cannot capture. 



Map of destinations in Canada

The Nature


With a wide-range of wildlife from elk to free-roaming bears, the nature in Canada is wild. Get lost and experience the nature up close and personal through a snowmobile trip with local guides. If that sounds a little too close for comfort for you, then why not explore the off-piste with as professional heliski trip? With a season as an instructor in Canada, the possibilities are endless. The choice is yours.


"When you are surrounded by people who share this kind of passion for something, it has an effect on you. It sounds silly to say but I was inspired."

- - Marcus, Snowminds Instructor

The Instructor Life


As a ski or snowboard instructor in Canada, you will work at one of our world-renown partner ski schools and get the chance to teach a diverse mix of local and international guests. You should expect the experience to offer you more insight into Canadian culture, where the people have a heart that bleeds for snow, speed and hockey. Throughout your season you will also have the opportunity to explore nearby resorts, where your fellow Snowminders live and work. It’s a country made for exploring, and we hope you will rise to the occasion.


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